Previous Reports

Below are prior editions of the annual ADII report and the special Queensland ADII report published in 2017.

Please note: ADII time series data presented in each annual ADII report for each year up to and including 2020 has been derived from the most current Roy Morgan Single Source dataset. This data can differ slightly from that released in prior-year reports as the dataset is subject to slight weighting changes. In addition, minor refinements to some of the variables underlying the ADII are applied to the time series data released with each report.

To conduct time-series analysis, readers should not compare data from each of the annual ADII published reports, but consult the revised historical data presented in pdf and excel formats on the Current Reports page.

The 2019 Australian Digital Inclusion Index

The 2018 Australian Digital Inclusion Index

The 2017 Australian Digital Inclusion Index

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index: Queensland

The 2016 Australian Digital Inclusion Index

Specialist Report Data - Geog. Filters 2014-20